Saturday, October 30, 2010

Walking Dead Titles

Here's a good use of AE that will do you well to deconstruct.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Here's Real Action Analysis


Motionographer is a good resource to see the state of the art animation in commercials and motion graphics that's not in the feature world. Look at the diversity of work your animation talents can lead to. HERE.


Here's the video on previz I spoke of.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Here's a good reference for all you UPA types in the crowd. It also goes to my thesis of illustration/cartooning needing to move in the digital age. This type of drawing rose in the 5os as television was putting a clamp on the budgets of features and as a result lots of animators were looking for work. Recessionary times call for us all to be flexible in the application of our skills.

It is a BAA (Bachelor of APPLIED Arts) you know.

Today's Inspiration is a great resource to look at.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sample Job Positing

I found this posted on Creative Heads today. This is a sample of where there are going to be jobs for those of you who graduate. I am convinced that as iPad and similar devices continue to roll out, there is opportunity for new animators with drawing skills to flourish. (i.e. to find employment.) I'm not saying apply to this job, but look at what they're looking for and tailor your portfolio accordingly. You should all be paying attention to your portfolio as you create your film.

I don't know this studio but I think there's going to be more "motion comics" created.

Illustrator & Animator
Motion Comics Department
Caliber Media Co.
Los Angeles, California - United States

Project: Motion Comics Department
Job Duties(s): Animatics , 2D Art / Graphic Design, Matte Painting, Motion Graphics
Software Utilized: Photoshop, After Effects, MacOS
Genre(s): Animation (2D), Design (Concept & Production)
Bonus Eligibility: Yes
Relocation: No
Required Spoken Language(s): English
Required Work Auth.: United States
Start Date: Immediately

Caliber Media Co is in development on a motion comic that requires
color and animated sequences. The director wants something that has both a traditional color feel along with some digital elements as well. The drawings themselves are already completed, there's no new art being made, just manipulation of finished drawings. This is a great opportunity for students looking for industry experience or recent graduates who are looking for a strong portfolio piece while making some money on the side.

We are seeking a hybrid animator/colorist who is versed in both traditional and digital coloring and has 1-2yrs. AfterEffects experience.

Notes from the Lecia Lecture

Here's some notes that stood out for me in the lecture today about Lecia reels. Present were Kevin Parry, Martin Sokol and Randaloph Lizardo.

About the lecias:
"Leave room for revision"
"The reel is the backbone"
"People can always add things."
"I had at least 20 copies of my lecia reel."
"See the progression of the film."
Kevin said he had his reel done in August.

Martin mused about the moral implications of a hen that can't lay egg which led to Chris discussing the importance of subtext to the film. Kevin suggested he keep the subtext purposely ambiguous so everybody could get something different from it.

"We through out PILES of boards"
"I would have done more of a pre-production package." Martin

"Always be ahead of the milestone." Randolph
"Get cracking'" Martin
"With no dialogue, it is important to concentrate on the timing and the visual structure."
"You see it evolve" again the progression.
"You'll feel good when you see your finished film."
"One head of a studio refuses to look at unfinished films"
"Have a schedule"
Do your film that "will satisfy the industry."
"the industry (I think he means the market for animation) kinda sucks these days."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blur Studios

I know at least two of you are making cinematics.Follow the link to an article on Blur. Analyze how they tell a story as they do cool shots. Like all good trailers, there has to be a story thread through out.

The link is here.